Home Listings need a Scratch 'n Sniff Button!!

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There is nothing more upsetting than falling in love with a house online and then when you visit it, the stench hits you in the face like a hammer!

If the internet Gods came to me and asked me to add one feature to the internet house search to make it great, I would say "Add a scratch 'n sniff button!"

Yes, I would.  It would add so much.  Then you wouldn't even have to leave your couch to smell all that dog slobber on the carpet.  

And, oh, my heavens, isn't the addition of that full litter box something I would love in my guest bath.

And get a load of that chain smoker who promises not to smoke in the house (until the wife goes to the store).  After all, no one will notice just one smoke.  And, it's soooo cold out.  I'll leave the kitchen door open a smidgeon so the smoke goes out the door....yep.

Wow!!  The person who owns this house surely does love cinnamon apple smelly candles.  Too bad she put the pumpkin pie melted wax air freshener within 3 feet of it and now I've got a headache from too much smelly.  (What the heck is she trying to hide?)

Yes.  Yes.

 If there were one thing I would add to someone else's listings (not mine, of course), it would be a scratch 'n sniff button!