Headed to an Open House?? SHUT YOUR CAKE HOLE!!!

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Real Estate

You just love running around Saturday and Sunday and stopping in at Open Houses.  Who doesn't?  Some people do it as they are hitting all the yard sales.  It's fun!  It's enlightening!  You can see how people decorate and sometimes make yourself feel better about your own home.

But, sometimes, you walk in to that Open House in a neighborhood you like, and you go bonkers.  You love it.   You want it.  You gush in every room as the agent shows you around.  You just cannot stop saying how much you love it!  You want it!!  You've got to have it at any price!!!  You can afford it, you tell your husband(wife/mate/friend).....and the agent who is behind you.  

Guess what?  You just gave away the bank.  That agent running the Open House works for the seller.  Yep. That's right and they heard everything you said.

"Oh no she didn't.  It wasn't the listing agent,"  you say, as you read this.

Well, guess what??  It doesn't matter who the agent is.  The agent running an Open House is working as a representative of the seller's agent and therefore, works for the seller!  

Just remember when visiting an Open House without a buyer's agent,  "anything you say, can, and will be used against you...if you put in an offer!"  

Soooo....rule of thumb--Keep Your Mouth Shut!!