Did ya call your lender???

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Before you start your home search, I told you yesterday that you should call your lender to get pre-qualified.  He/She will ask you all your personal information about your finances.  You want them to run a credit check to find out what your credit score is.  

Your score is very important when it comes time to getting a home loan/mortgage.  If your credit score is high (above 712), you might get great rates.  If it is lower (low 600's), your interest rate might be a bit higher and you may end up paying extra fees.  It can vary a bit from one lender to another.  So can their fees.

BUT, I am a realtor, NOT a lender.  Your lender will tell you exactly how he can help you.  He can also offer you advice as to how to improve your score if it is low.  He even might tell you to get that score higher before you start your home search in order to save you money in the long run.

Just remember--at this stage of the game, you and I have not even met!  You are just getting ready so you can hit the ground running.