Are you Stupid? Really Stupid?? Or TOO Stupid???

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Are you stupid?  Really stupid?  Or too stupid???

Well, I already know you are not really stupid or you wouldn't be reading this post.  So that leaves us with stupid or too stupid.

Stupid--we have all been stupid.  That's that time when you threw eggs at a car and it turned out to be your best friend's dad and he saw you.  

Or the time you wanted to show off in front of a girlfriend by revving your engine really loudly and your foot slipped off the clutch and you ran into the parked car in front of you.

 Or maybe it was when you first got a job and went to buy a new car without doing any research......whoa, let's not even go there!  That's beyond stupid!

Too stupid is a whole different ballgame.  Too stupid is  different and it is something we have all felt at one time or another.

Buying a house can make you feel too stupid.  You meet with your real estate agent and she shows you a whole bunch of paperwork,  smiles and says sweetly, "Any questions?"  

That feeling you get?  That feeling when your stomach sinks lower than it should?  Or your acid reflux ends up in your mouth?  THAT'S too stupid!

Too stupid is being sooo stupid about something that you don't even know what the questions should be.  You know you have questions, but you are too stupid to know what they are!  

"How can I have a question when I know absolutely nothing to begin with!" you ask.

 Yep.  That's right.  And that's being too stupid.

Susan Nealey specializes in too stupid--at least when it comes to buying a house. She can relate to too stupid.   She knows all the questions you should ask, and will give you the answers before you even get that toooo stupid feeling.

She will guide you every step of the way from search through settlement covering all those pesky little details in between.  By the time you're in your new house, you'll feel like a genius!  

Yep.  No more too stupid for you.  Call her! 410-703-2350